Capture Conversations, Craft Connections, Recall Every Detail.

HalfBrain is your AI-powered sidekick for remembering the details about people you meet. It's like having a personal assistant in your pocket, minus the coffee runs.

Capture quick voice notes, and watch as HalfBrain magically transforms them into organized contact records, complete with custom-tailored conversation starters for your next encounter.

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Every Interaction, Remembered. Experience HalfBrain.

HalfBrain is crafted for those who cherish connections but struggle with names and details. It's not just an app; it's your personal memory assistant, ensuring you're always prepared for meaningful interactions. Discover how effortless remembering can be.

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Capture Conversations Effortlessly

Just had a great chat but worried you'll forget the details? Use HalfBrain to record key info about new acquaintances. It's like having a memory assistant that never sleeps (or forgets).

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Personalized Question Prompts

Dread running out of conversation topics? HalfBrain generates meaningful questions for your next meet-up based on past interactions. Say goodbye to awkward silences!

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Efficient Contact Organization

Keep your contacts and conversation details organized. With HalfBrain, adding and updating contact info is a breeze, ensuring you always stay on top of your social game.

Upgrade Your Memory Today.

Why rely on your brain alone? With HalfBrain, enhance your memory and never miss a detail about the people who matter. It's like giving your brain a high-tech boost.

  • Remember Every Detail

    Capture the nuances of every conversation and recall them as if they just happened.

  • Meaningful Connections

    Strengthen relationships with personal notes and reminders about what matters to them.

  • Intelligent Question Prompts

    Use AI-powered prompts to pick up where you left off in conversations, showing care and attention.

  • Quick Contact Access

    Retrieve contact details instantly, so you’re always ready to reach out.

  • Secure & Private

    Your notes are encrypted, ensuring your conversations remain confidential.

  • Dynamic Note-Taking

    As your relationships evolve, so do your notes, keeping everything up-to-date.

Boost Your Memory Now

Sign up in less than a minute. Download HalfBrain, create your account, and start transforming the way you remember and connect with people today.

Transform Your Interactions with HalfBrain.

Join the community of users who are revolutionizing the way they remember and engage with people. Real AI reviews:

Simple Pricing, Memorable Results.

Whether you’re a social butterfly looking to manage your contacts or a professional aiming to enhance client relationships, HalfBrain offers straightforward plans to match your needs.



Free to try.

  • All Features
  • Up to 3 contacts
  • Your data is only stored on device and iCloud.

Personal Unlimited


Unlimited contacts for your personal use.

  • All Features
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited updates to contacts
  • Icloud Sync
  • Your data is only stored on device and iCloud.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Where is my contact data stored?

      Your data is stored only on your device and backed up to your iCloud account for privacy and easy recovery. HalfBrain does not store any of your contact details on our servers.

    • Do I need to create an account to use HalfBrain?

      No account creation is necessary. Simply download HalfBrain, and start adding notes to your contacts right away with no setup required.

    • Can I use HalfBrain for free?

      HalfBrain is free for the first three contacts. If you find it as useful as we believe you will, it is just $2.99 per month for unlimited contacts.

    • How does HalfBrain ensure my privacy?

      Privacy is our priority. Since data is stored locally on your device and in your personal iCloud, you have full control over your personal information.

    • How can I manage my subscription?

      You can manage your subscription directly within the app settings. Upgrade to unlimited contacts or cancel your subscription at any time — no strings attached.

    • Is my information secure with iCloud backup?

      Yes, iCloud uses industry-standard security techniques to ensure your data is safe and accessible only to you across your Apple devices.

    • What happens to my data if I lose my device?

      With iCloud backup, you can easily restore your contact details to a new device, ensuring you never lose your valuable information.

    • Can I access HalfBrain without an internet connection?

      Absolutely! You can access and manage your contacts offline. An internet connection is only required for iCloud backup and restoration processes.

    • How do I get started with adding contacts in HalfBrain?

      Just tap the add button and record your notes. HalfBrain will organize them into a contact record for you. It’s that simple to boost your memory!